351st Bomb Group

Polebrook, England

Group Mission #196

Credited Mission #190

DATE: 26 Aug. 1944
Target: Willebroek, Belgium
Clouds - Returned Without Bombing
Operational Narrative – 94th “C” CBW:
  1. Date of Mission - 26 August, 1944.
    1. Target Attacked: None. Primary (Willebroek, Belgium) was overcast.
    2. Force – “C” Force of 94th Combat Bomb Wing. Thirteen aircraft, including one flying spare, took off.
    3. Position – Third in combat wing.
    4. Lead Team
      Group Leader: 1st Lt. Kenneth C. Hales
      Pilot:2nd Lt. Evan A. Poston
      Navigator:1st Lt. Lester W. Boardman
      Bombardier:1st Lt. Earl L. Branaman

  2. Narrative.
    1.  Group & Wing Assembly - The assembly of the "C" Force was carried out as planned at the Kings Cliffe buncher at the briefed altitude of 13,000 feet.
    2.  Route Over England – Departure from the assembly point was made on time by the "C" Force. The "A" and "B" Forces, however, had not yet completed their assembly. The "C" Force flew north of course in going to Kings Lynn in order to permit the "A" and "B" Forces to get ahead of it. Kings Lynn was reached on time (0610). The briefed course was followed from Kings Lynn to the coast, the wing having made good its briefed formation shortly after leaving Kings Lynn (1614).
    3.  Division Assembly – No Division assembly was planned. The 94th "C" Force departed from the English coast 30 seconds early (1634½) at 17,500 feet, 2,500 feet above the briefed altitude. The increase in altitude had been made in order to keep in relative position with the "A" and "B" Forces.
    4.  Flight to Target – The briefed route was closely adhered to, the enemy coast being crossed on time and on course at 21,000 feet, 1000 feet above the briefed altitude. The briefed route was followed to the target, which was reached six minutes late (1742) at 20,500 feet.
    5.  Description of Bombing Run – The target area was found to be eight-tenths overcast. Three runs were made by performing a figure 8 over the target, but it was impossible to find a large enough break in the cloud cover to permit bombing.
    6.  Flight From Target – The briefed route was followed on the withdrawal. The enemy coast was crossed at the briefed point 31½ minutes late at 20,000 feet. A faster-than-normal let-down procedure was followed in order to permit the formation to be under an anticipated low ceiling. A deviation to the left of course was flown shortly before the English coast was reached in order to cross the coast at a point where the cloud cover receded somewhat. After crossing the coast at Felixstowe at 2,000 feet, the formation returned directly to base.
    7.  Fighter Support – Good.
    8.  Comments – No aircraft were lost. Flak was meager and inaccurate. No enemy aircraft were encountered.
    9.  Aircraft Not Attacking – The flying spare returned as planned. All aircraft brought their bombs back to base.
    10.  PFF Aircraft – None dispatched.

  [Signed] Carl C. Hinkle, Jr., Major, Air Corps, Operations Officer

Statistical Summary:
94th CBW "C" Force
No. of A/C Failing to Take Off0
No. of A/C Airborne13
No. of A/C Airborne Less Unused Spares12
No. of A/C Sorties12
No. of A/C Attacking0
No. of A/C Not Attacking12
Name of Primary TargetWillebroek, Belgium
(A) No. of A/C Attacking Primary0
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
Name of Secondary Target
(A) No. of A/C Attacking Secondary Target
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
Name of Last Resort Target (LRT)
(A) No. of A/C Attacking LRT
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
Name of Target of Opportunity (T.O.)
(A) No. of A/C Attacking T.O.
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
No. of A/C Lost - Total0
No. of A/C Lost - Flak
No. of A/C Lost - Flak and E/A
No. of A/C Lost - Enemy Aircraft
No. of A/C Lost - Accident
No. of A/C Lost - Unknown
Time of Take Off1441
Time of Attack
Average Time of Flight4:43
Altitude of Release
Visual or PFF
Enemy Resistance – AA Intensity & AccuracyMeager and Inaccurate
Enemy Resistance – Fighter0
Enemy Resistance – Bombers0
U.S. A/C Engaged by Enemy Aircraft
Degree of SuccessNil

PFF A/C were borrowed from Groups as follows: [None]
PFF A/C were loaned to Groups as follows: [None]

Track Chart:
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Mission Summary Report:
  1. Abortives and Flying Spares:
    1. Airplane No. 44-8100, 511th Squadron returned early as planned. (Reason: Flying Spare).
  2. Battle Damage:
    None Received.

  [Signed:] Carl A. Ekblad, Captain, Air Corps, Engineering Officer

“J” Form:
  1. Last Four numbers and Call Letter of A/C in each Squadron:
    a. 94th Combat Wing "C" Force   High Box
    Sqdn 508th A/C: B–7349, C–7843, D–8139, H–8004, J–7978, K–8130, L–7956, M–7900, N–7727, O–8277, Q–1879
    Sqdn 509th A/C:
    Sqdn 510th A/C:
    Sqdn 511th A/C: (B–8100 Flying Spare)
    P.F.F. Sqdn ___ A/C: ____

  2. Target: ZB-112B
  3. W/T and R/T Operational Call Sign of each Squadron:
    Squadron508 [Call Sign]W/T TAZ R/T CARLTON
    Squadron511 [Call Sign]W/T MRS R/T PARTNERSHIP
  4. a. High Box: Taxi – 1430; Take-Off – 1445; E.T.D. Field – 1445
    b. ____ Box: Taxi – ____; Take-Off – ____; E.T.D. Field – ____
  5. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing English Coast: (OUT)
    163515,000 Ft Orfordness
  6. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing Enemy Coast: (IN)
    170320,000 Ft 51°44'N-03°46'E [Renesse, Netherlands]
  7. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing Enemy Coast: (Out)
    175020,000 Ft 51°44'N-03°46'E [Renesse, Netherlands]
  8. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing English Coast: (IN)
    18175,000 Ft Orfordness
  9. E.T.R.(Estimated Time of Return) Base: 1847 Hours
  10. MF/DF [Medium Frequency/Direction Finder] Section: "H"
  11. Bomb load of Each A/C: High Box
    508 Squadron: 12 x 500 GP [General Purpose] 1/10 x 1/40 [Fuses]
    509 Squadron:
    510 Squadron:
    511 Squadron: 12 x 500 GP [General Purpose] 1/10 x 1/40 [Fuses]
  12. Fuel Load of each A/C: Normal Gallons
  13. Group Leader:
    a. High Box: Name: K.C. Hales Rank: 1st Lt. A/C: H-8004  Sqdn. 508th
    b. ____ Box: Name: ___ Rank: ___ A/C: ___ Sqdn. ___
    c. ____ Box: Name: ___ Rank: ___ A/C: ___ Sqdn. ___
  14. Passengers, if any: (Full Name, Rank, A/C and Squadron Passenger flying with)
  15. PFF A/C: None

Report Compiled By John Maksimik, S/Sgt.

Formation Chart:
94th "C" Combat Bomb Wing High Box Formation at Take–Off
508th Squadron
A/C 42-98004 H
A/C 43-38139 D
A/C 42-97349 B
A/C 43-37727 N
A/C 42-31879 Q
A/C 43-38130 K
A/C 43-37900 M
A/C 42-97843 C
A/C 43-37956 L
A/C 43-37978 J
A/C 44-8100 B Spare
A/C 43-38277 O
A/C 43-37850 G

Spare Aircraft returned as planned.

Time Schedule:
Zero Hour: 1800 DBST [Double British Standard Time]  Briefing: 1300  Stations: 1410  Start Engines: 1420  Taxi: 1430  Take-Off: 1445  Leave Base: 1445 

[Wounded On Mission: 0]

The above records were obtained at the National Archives Records Administration and have been declassified by authority NND 745005
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