351st Bomb Group

Polebrook, England

Group Mission #207

Credited Mission #201

DATE: 22 Sep. 1944
Target: Locomotive Works, Kassel, Germany (Secondary)
Briefing Outline:
  1. Airplane and Crew Assignment Check.

  2. Time Schedule:
     ____ Box
    Stations   –0935
    Start Engines –0945
    Taxi     –0955
    Take Off   –1010
    Last Take Off –1127

  3. Targets:
    Primary: Kassel - Landarmament Factory
    Secondary: Kassel - Locomotive Works
    Last Resort: Any Military Objective Positively Identified in Germany and East of Current Strategic Bomb Line.

  4. Loading:
    351 “A”: 6/500 Lb. G.P.'s [General Purpose] 1/10 Nose x 1/100 Tail [Fuses] & 6 M17 IB's [Incendiary Bomb]
    351 “B”:
    Nickels [Propaganda Leaflets] in Ship # - ____
    Chaff: Each A/C 360 Units. All A/C Commence Release at I.P. [Initial Point of Bomb Run] & Continue for 15 Min.

  5. Gasoline Loading: 2500 gallons
    Remarks: ____

  6. Wing Formation:
     Wing Formation  94th (A) CBW  94th (B) CBW  94th (C) CBW  Comp. CBW 

  7. Division Formation:
    PositionCBW [Combat Wing]TargetDeparture Time at Coast
    Lead1st "A"Kassel1151
    2nd1st "B"Kassel1153
    3rd40th "A"Kassel1155
    4th40th "B"Kassel1157
    5th94th "A"Kassel1159
    6th94th "B"Kassel1201
    2nd DivisionKasselLeaving Great Yarmouth
    Following 1st Division
    3rd DivisionKasselLeaving Orfordness to
    Lead 1st Division
    RAF [Royal Air Force]

    Remarks: ____
     Base Ref. Alt. - 23,000'
     Division Assembly Line Clacton to 5113-0255.  Interval between CBW's 2 min.
     All CBW's will fly common route.

  8. Fighter Cover:
    • [Force][Latitude & Longitude][Call Sign]
      _________ English Coast   
      _________ 5113-0255  e 
      364 Grp P-51's 5038-0530  Balance 2-1 Front 
      359 Grp P-51's _______  Balance 2-2 Rear 
      _________ 5005-0743   

      Fighters will rendezvous and stay with bombers through target and withdrawal. 2nd and 3rd divisions each will have 2 Groups of P-51 support.

  9. Group Assembly:
    351st Lead11,000'Kings Cliffe
    351st High12,000'Kings Cliffe
    351st Low10,000'Kings Cliffe

  10. Navigator - _____
  11. S-2 - _____
  12. Weather - _____
  13. Special Instructions to Gunners, Bombardiers, and Radio Operators:
    A. Type of Bombing Formation -
    Intervalometer Setting - Visual or PFF 140'
    Scope Photos will be taken from I.P. to Target.

  14. Squadron Leaders and Group Deputy report to Target Room. All but Pilots Dismissed.

  15. (A) Code Words –
    PFF Bombing –In Clear
    Visual Bombing –In Clear
    Authenticator –St. Louis Blues
    Recall –Cards In National
    Weather Code –TVBIA
    Release "CHAFF" –In Clear

    (B) Call Signs:
    Call SignFlaresRemarks
    351st LeadWoodcraft Able LeadGY [Green Yellow]
    351st HighWoodcraft Able HighGG
    351st LowWoodcraft Able LowRR
    401st A
    401st B
    457th A
    457th B
    1st C.B.W.
    40th C.B.W.
    41st C.B.W.
    Composite C.B.W.

    U.S. FightersBalance Two
    R.A.F. Fighters
    BombersVinegrove 2-5
    U.S. Grnd. ControlColgate
    R.A.F. Grnd. Control

    Control Points:Fighter Reference Points:
    English Coast - 1J - Liege
    5113-0255 - 2I - Coblenz
    5038-0530 - 3G - Kassel
    5005-0743 - 4______

    Remarks: 2nd & 3rd Division will each have 2 Grps. P-51's
    Fighters will Rendezvous & stay with bombers thru target & withdrawal.

    Colors of the Day
    0100 – 0700RYXD
    0700 – 1300RGNP
    1300 – 1900RRIB

    (E) Ships To Monitor [Radio Channels A, B, C & D]
    1. - All except:
    2. - F-124; M-900; F-674
    3. - A-465; p-258; z-696
    4. -

  16. Let-Down on Kings Cliffe, if overcast.
    351st A   030° Mag. [Magnetic Compass Heading]
    351st B   ___° Mag.
    401st A   ___° Mag.
    457th A   ___° Mag.

  17. Flying Control. –
    1. Taxi Plan.
    2. Emergency Fields - Bradwell 5144N-0054E.
    3. Landing Aids.

  18. Special Instructions:
    A. Camera A/C to Return - Bennett N-665; Jizmijian P-258; & Daugherty T-384.
    Spares turn back: Belgium Coast.
    Scouting Force "Buckeye Red" (8 P-51's) will be in target area 20 min. before arrival of "Swordfish Able Leader" & will report target area weather. Will withdraw along bomber route reporting conditions likely to affect briefed plan.

Operational Narrative – 94th “C” CBW:
  1. Date of Mission - 22 September, 1944.
    1. Target – Kassel, Germany (Primary Target).
    2. Force – 94th "A" Combat Wing. Thirty-eight aircraft including two flying spares and three PFF ships took off.
    3. Position – Briefed as fifth and flew as sixth in First Division.
    4. Lead Team
      Wing Lead
      Combat Wing Air Commander: Lt. Col. Paul D. Wood.
      Pilot:1st Lt. John T. Eickhoff.
      Navigator:1st Lt. John R. Gulnac.
      Bombardier:1st Lt. Warren C. Steitz.

  2. Narrative:
    1.  Group & Wing Assembly - The assembly was carried out as planned at the Kings Cliffe Buncher at 11,000 feet.
    2.  Route Over England – Departure from the assembly point was made on time (1124). Wisbech [England] was reached on time (1134).
    3.  Division Assembly – Flown slightly to the left of the briefed course. No difficulties were encountered, and departure from the English Coast was made one minute early (1159) from Clacton. It is believed that the 94th "A" Combat Wing was sixth in First Division, rather than fifth, the briefed position. The 94th "B" Combat Wing had been heard over VHF [radio] between the assembly point and Clacton announcing its arrival at control points. It is believed that through some miscalculations in timing or through an error in the watch settings of the 94th "B" Combat Wing it was approximately five minutes ahead of the 94th "A" Wing. It did not fly the mission behind the 94th "A" Wing as planned.
    4.  Flight to Target – Flown with little variance from the briefed route. The Belgian Coast was crossed five minutes late at 16,500 feet, 1,500 feet below the briefed altitude. A gradually increasing variance to the south of course was flown in order to keep in the proper position in respect to preceding formations. However, when the turn to the north of course was made the briefed route was followed. The IP [Initial Point of Bomb Run] was reached ten minutes late.
    5.  Description of Bombing Run – The briefed route was flown. The C-1 Pilot [Autopilot] was used with no malfunctions. Results were unobserved as bombing was done by PFF methods. The Low and High Boxes bombed on the smoke markers of the Lead Box.
    6.  Flight From Target – Evasive action was taken just after leaving the target. The briefed route was followed on the withdrawal to the right of course in an attempt to keep away from the bad weather. Departure from the Belgian Coast was made at 1610 - four minutes late - at 10,000 feet. A normal let down procedure was followed while flying to the right of course in attempting to stay in the area of best weather. The English Coast was reached at 1641 - five minutes late - at 10,000 feet. A further let down was made in the return to base. Haze had made a rapid descent from the enemy coast impossible.
    7.  Fighter Support – Good.
    8.  Comments – No enemy aircraft were encountered. No aircraft were lost. Flak was moderate and accurate.
    9.  Aircraft Not Attacking – Two flying spares returned as planned. The remaining thirty-six aircraft attacked the primary target. [The Bombardier's report and the Combat Bombing Flight Record state that the group bombed the Secondary target by PFF means.]

  [Signed] Carl C. Hinkle, Jr., Major, Air Corps, Operations Officer

Lead BoxHigh BoxLow BoxTOTAL
No. of A/C Failing to Take Off0000
No. of A/C Airborne13131238
No. of A/C Airborne Less Unused Spares12121236
No. of A/C Sorties12121236
No. of A/C Attacking12121236
No. of A/C Not Attacking0000
Name of Primary TargetKassel, Germany
(A) No. of A/C Attacking Primary Target12121236
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs70 x 500# GP
72 x 500# Incd.
71 x 500# GP
72 x 500# Incd.
72 x 500# GP
72 x 500# Incd.
214 x 500# GP
215 x 500# Incd.
Name of Secondary Target
(A) No. of A/C Attacking Secondary Target
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
Name of Last Resort Target (LRT)
(A) No. of A/C Attacking LRT
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
Name of Target of Opportunity (T.O.)
(A) No. of A/C Attacking T.O.
(B) No., Size & Type Of Bombs
No. of A/C Lost - Total0000
No. of A/C Lost - Flak
No. of A/C Lost - Flak and E/A
No. of A/C Lost - Enemy Aircraft
No. of A/C Lost - Accident
No. of A/C Lost - Unknown
Time of Take Off100810091010
Time of Attack141514151415
Average Time of Flight7:147:327:43
Altitude of Release26,893’27,493’26,293’
Enemy Resistance – AA Intensity & AccuracyModerate and AccurateModerate and InaccurateModerate and Accurate
Enemy Resistance – Fighter0000
Enemy Resistance – Bombers0000
U.S. A/C Engaged by Enemy Aircraft0000

PFF A/C were borrowed from Groups as follows: None
PFF A/C were loaned to Groups as follows: None
 3 PFF A/C included above. Lead Box - 2; High Box - 1. All three attacked.

Bombardier’s Report For The Mission Of This Date:
94th "A" Wing
Target - Kassel, Germany (Secondary - PFF)
  1. The Lead Box 94th "A" Wing dropped their bombs on Kassel, Germany by "H2X" method. Results were unobserved.
  2. The High Box 94th "A" Wing dropped on the smoke marker of the Lead Box on a Mag. [Magnetic] heading of 150°
  3. The Low Box 94th "A" Wing dropped on the smoke marker of the Lead Box on a Mag. [Magnetic] heading of 152°
  [Signed] William B. Lyttle, Captain, Air Corps, Group Bombardier.

Combat Bombing Flight Record:

Bombardier - 1st Lt. Steitz, Warren C.
Pilot - Lt. Col. Wood, P.D. & 1st Lt. Eickhoff
Navigator - 1st Lt. Gulnac, J.R.

Aircraft B-17G   L-045  Take-off - 1008 Landed - 1722
Objective - Kassel, Germany (Secondary - PFF)
Aiming Point (MPI) [Mean Point of Impact] - H2X
Initial Point - As Briefed
Method of Attack - Wing
No. of Attacking A/C in Group: - 36   Composite Group - ____
Number A/C Dropping Bombs by own Sighting Operation: ONE
Deflection and Range Sighting, Group: Lead A/C.   Composite Group - ____
Range Sighting only, Group - __   Composite Group - ____
Bombs, Types and Sizes - G.P.[General Purpose] 500-LB. AN-M43 & I.B. [Incendiary Bomb], 500-Lb.
Number of Bombs Loaded - 5 x G.P's & 6 x I.B's   Released - Same
Fusing, Nose - (1/10 G.P.'s   Tail - 1/40 G.P.'s)
Synchronization - H2X On

Information at Release Point:  Dropped by H2X method.

Altitude of Target - 600'Magnetic Heading Ordered 140° Actual 159°
True Altitude Above Target - 26,893'True Heading 153°
Indicated Altitude - 27,000'Drift, Estimated 6° Left - Actual 7° Left
Pressure Altitude of Target +527True Track 146°
Altimeter Setting 29.92Actual Range 15041.5
Calculated Indicated Air Speed - 150KB.S. Type - M-9
True Air Speed - 230KTime of Release 1415
Ground Speed Est. 261 Actual 255Length of Bombing Run - 11 min.
Wind Direction Metro - 270° Actual - 272°Intervalometer Setting - 140 Ft.
Wind Velocity Metro 30 Actual 32 C-1 Pilot [Autopilot] - X [Used]
D.S. - 122  Trail - 62   ATF - 43.42A-5 Pilot _____
Tan. D.A, Est. .56 Actual .56 Manual Pilot - ____

Type of Release - Train - 140'
Point of Impact If Seen - Unobserved
Mean Temp. Metro - 8.5 Actual - 8.5
Winds - Altitude - 28,000 Ft.  Direction - Metro 270°  Actual 272°  Velocity - Metro 30  Actual 32
Temp C. - Metro -36° C. Actual -32° C.

Intelligence S-2 Reports:
  1. No leaflets were carried on today's mission.
  2. Due to 8/10ths cloud cover photos showed no bomb strikes. Bombing results were unobserved.
  3. No enemy aircraft were encountered, and no claims are being submitted.
  4. Flak at the target was meager to moderate, fairly accurate for the lead and low groups and inaccurate for the high. There was meager fairly accurate flak from the Rhine River at 1324 and 1457, and from the Eder Dam area. Moderate, fairly accurate flak was encountered at Wiesbaden and Coblenz. Moderate flak was observed at the Moselle River near 5010 N. - 0710 E., and over Frankfurt.
  5. There was 6-8/10ths cloud coverage in the target area.
  6. Moderate barge activity was observed on the Rhine River.
  7. Bombing was done by PFF units. The fighter support was good. Scouting Force report was received OK.

Track Chart:
Click on Chart to Enlarge

Combat Crew Comments:

    508th Squadron:
A/C 978-J: Lead going too fast. Had to pull too much from the engines. - Lt. Sullivan.
A/C 405-D: Not enough rations for the mission. Fourteen hours between meals on a candy bar and two cookies is tough. - Lt. Sullivan.
A/C 958-L: B-24s slid underneath formation; pulled out just in time to allow for bombs away. - Lt. Crutchen.
A/C 900-M: Air Commanders should use "B" and "C" channels as well as "A" channel to inform group of wing action. - Lt. Kennedy.

    509th Squadron:
A/C 676-L: The formation was very good. Capt. Viste led us around the flak well. - Lt. G.T. Walker.
A/C 171-Y: Let's take off up-wind next time. Had to use flaps on take-off. - Lt. M.R. Walker.
A/C 964-M: Ball turret in ship 914-S isn't in operation; ball turret in ship 676-L started operating when formation was deep in Germany. - Crew.

    510th Squadron:
A/C 465-A: Suggest two approach signal pots. - Lt. McFarland.
A/C 124-F: Main runway should be more brilliantly lighted on hazy days. - Crew
A/C 687-Z: Suggest aircraft maintain an altitude of 25,000 feet over the Rhine. - Lt. Hillebrand.
A/C 576-C: Good formation at bombs away. - Lt. Purcell.
A/C 714-R: We were among the first to land, but had to wait more than one hour to be brought in. - Lt. Miller.

  [Signed:] Robert P. Ramsey, Major, Air Corps, Group S-2 [Intelligence]

Mission Summary Report:
  1. Abortives and Flying Spares:
    1. Airplane No. 43-37727, 508th Squadron, returned early as planned. (Reason: Flying Spare).
    2. Airplane No. 43-38432, 509th Squadron, returned early as planned. (Reason: Flying Spare).
  2. Battle Damage:
    1. Airplane No. 42-38038, 510th Squadron. Flak hole in #3 nacelle damaging #6 cylinder, pushrod, sump and intake pipe. (Major)
    2. Airplane No. 43-37512, 510th Squadron. Flak hole on underside of fuselage between ball turret and bomb-bay causing skin damage. Flak skin hole in underside of right inner wing panel. Flak hole on underside of left outer wing panel damaging skin, corrugation and tokio tank. (Major)

  [Signed:] John W. Freeman, Captain, Air Corps, Group Engineering Officer.

Armament Report:
  1. A negative malfunction report is submitted for the Mission of 22 September, 1944.
  [Signed:] Clemert E. Hayes, Captain, Air Corps, Armament Officer

“J” Form:
  1. Last Four numbers and Call Letter of A/C in each Squadron:
    a. 94th "A" Combat Wing   Lead Group
    Sqdn 508th A/C:
    Sqdn 509th A/C: (P-8432 Spare)
    Sqdn 510th A/C: F–7124, G–7862, K–7252, R–8038, C–2576, A–8465, H–8280, N–7665, S–7512
    Sqdn 511th A/C: L–8045 PFF, Z–7687 PFF, R–1714

    b. 94th "A" Combat Wing   High Group
    Sqdn 508th A/C: Z–7965 PFF, B–7349, Q–1879, K–8130, F–1711, R–1192, D–8405, M–7900, D–7258, C–7843, L–7956, J–7978, (N–7727 Spare)
    Sqdn 509th A/C:
    Sqdn 510th A/C:
    Sqdn 511th A/C:

    c. 94th "A" Combat Wing   Low Group
    Sqdn 508th A/C:
    Sqdn 509th A/C: Z–7696, F–7674, R–6156, T–1384, L–7676, N–7169, M–7964, S–9914
    Sqdn 510th A/C: D–7957, P–2955
    Sqdn 511th A/C: D–7524, Y–8171
  2. Target: GN-5808 Bldg. 4/2
  3. W/T and R/T Operational Call Sign of each Squadron:
    Squadron508 [Call Sign]W/T NBJ R/T CARLTONSquadron510 [Call Sign]W/T RNQ R/T TIPSTAFF
    Squadron509 [Call Sign]W/T JJW R/T HOTMINTSquadron511 [Call Sign]W/T WXM R/T PARTNERSHIP
  4. a. Lead Box: Taxi – 0955; Take-Off – 1010; E.T.D. Field – At Take Off
    b. ____ Box: Taxi – ____; Take-Off – ____; E.T.D. Field – ____
  5. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing English Coast: (OUT)
    115913,000 Ft Clacton
  6. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing Enemy Coast: (IN)
    122418,000 Ft 51°13'N-02°55'E [Ostend, Belgium]
  7. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing Enemy Coast: (Out)
    160110,000 Ft 51°13'N-02°55'E [Ostend, Belgium]
  8. Time:Height:  Place of Crossing English Coast: (IN)
    16315,000 Ft Clacton
  9. E.T.R.(Estimated Time of Return) Base: 1659 1704 Hours
  10. MF/DF [Medium Frequency/Direction Finder] Section: "G"
  11. Bomb load of Each A/C: "A" Lead Box
    508 Squadron: All A/C: 6 x 500 GP's [General Purpose] 1/10 x 1/100 [Fuses] Sta. 2 - 7 - 10 - 23 - 28 - 31
    509 Squadron:   6 x M-17 IB's [Incendiary] Sta. 11 - 18 - 21 - 32 - 39 - 42
    510 Squadron:
    511 Squadron:

    Bomb load of Each A/C: "A" High Box
    508 Squadron:   Same
    509 Squadron:
    510 Squadron:
    511 Squadron:

    Bomb load of Each A/C: "A" Low Box
    508 Squadron:   Same
    509 Squadron:
    510 Squadron:
    511 Squadron:
  12. Fuel Load of each A/C: 2500 Gallons
  13. Group Leader:
    a. Lead Box: Name: P.D. Wood Rank: Lt. Col. A/C: L-8045  Sqdn. 511th
    b. High Box: Name: E.A. Poston Rank: 1st Lt. A/C: Z-7965 Sqdn. 508th
    c. Low Box: Name: G.D. Viste Rank: Capt. A/C: D-7957 Sqdn. 510th
  14. Passengers, if any: (Full Name, Rank, A/C and Squadron Passenger flying with)

Report Compiled By Batinchok, Cpl.

Formation Chart:
94th "A" CBW Lead Box Formation at Take–Off and Over Target
510th Squadron
Col. Wood–Eickhoff
A/C 44-8045 L PFF
A/C 42-107124 F
A/C 42-97687 Z PFF
A/C 42-102576 C
A/C 43-37862 G
A/C 43-38465 A
A/C 42-31714 R
A/C 42-38038 R
A/C 42-97252 K
A/C 44-8280 H
A/C 43-38432 P Spare*
A/C 43-37512 S
A/C 43-37665 N

  [* - Spare Aircraft returned as planned.]

94th "A" CBW High Box Formation at Take–Off and Over Target
508th Squadron
A/C 42-97965 Z PFF
A/C 42-31879 Q
A/C 42-97349 B
A/C 43-38405 D
A/C 43-38130 K
A/C 42-97258 P
A/C 43-37900 M
A/C 42-31192 R
A/C 42-31711 F
A/C 43-37843 C
A/C 43-37727 N Spare*
A/C 43-37978 J
A/C 43-37956 L

  [* - Spare Aircraft returned as planned.]

94th "A" CBW Low Box Formation at Take–Off and Over Target
509th Squadron
A/C 43-37957 D
A/C 43-38428 A
A/C 42-102955 P
Walker, M.R.
A/C 43-38171 Y
A/C 43-37524 D
A/C 42-31384 T
Walker, G.T.
A/C 43-37676 L
A/C 44-6156 R
A/C 43-37674 F
A/C 42-97169 N
A/C 42-39914 S
A/C 43-37964 M

Time Schedule:
Zero Hour: 1130 BST [British Standard Time] Briefing: 0715 Stations: 0935 Start Engines: 0945 Taxi: 0955
Take-Off: 1010 Leave Base: 1010 [Breakfast: Enlisted Men 0545; Officers 0615]

[Wounded On Mission: 0]
The above records were obtained at the National Archives Records Administration and have been declassified by authority NND 745005
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